How does My Offer Finder work?

Our offer system is very simple. In the My Offer Finder search bar, just enter the geolocation where you are looking for offers, and My Offer Finder will provide you with all the offers available ordered according to their proximity to your location.

Select your preferred option and carefully read the details. If the offer appeals to you, just download the PDF and present it at the workshop that is promoting the offer. You can print the coupon or present it using your mobile device. Either of these two methods is valid.

Once the workshop has received your coupon, you can enjoy your offer at mygaragefinder.com

Do I have to register on My Offer Finder?

No. And we believe it’s one of the great advantages of the platform.

Our mission is to provide the user with the best offers in the car sector that can be found in mechanics workshops. To this end we have created an agile platform so you can enjoy your offers as quickly as possible.

This is why you don’t have to register and can browse freely to search for the best offers for your vehicle.

Do I have to pay a fee to enjoy all these offers?

This isn’t necessary either . The My Offer Finder tool is free to use, and its aim is user satisfaction.

We want to forge closer links between internet users and automotive workshop professionals, in a way that benefits the entire automotive sector. So you don't have to pay anything.

Does the same offer apply in all workshops?

Please note that each offer has several workshops assigned to it that provide the services offered. Have a good look at the list of workshops that are proposing the offer, choose yours and enjoy the promotion.

Why should I use My Offer Finder if I can go directly to the workshop?

It’s very simple; the offers that we promote are exclusive to mygaragefinder.com, and you won't find them on any other platform. The workshops have placed their trust in our platform to provide them with the highest number of customers, in a way that is convenient for the user and with no need to travel. Seize the opportunity!