Let’s start with the basics: how does My Garage Finder work?

It’s very easy. Imagine a normal Google type browser. Well, our website has a navigation bar designed solely and exclusively for finding the garage you're looking for.

With a single click after entering your location in the search bar, our browser will tell you the coordinates of the closest workshop in your city, and you’ll see them appropriately ordered.

What if I'm looking for a specific service?

Don't worry, we’ve thought of that too.

Our search engine has a filter developed by our specialists, which you can use to easily sort the workshops that provide the service you are looking for (tyres, shock absorbers, bodywork and paint, tuning, timing belts, brakes, etc.)

You can also sort the workshops by the type of vehicle that you are going to take in or by opening hours (if they are open at weekends or at midday).

But are these workshops reliable?

Have absolute confidence. All these workshops are recognised for their proven quality and their website services are verified with the workshop itself, so you are guaranteed that they are professional workshops with many resources and qualified professionals.

What does the star at the side mean?

This is a symbolic distinction that we have made of the workshops that have the fullest information on their website, as it is a better guide for the user and our sole aim is: driver satisfaction.

We want to recognise a job well done by the workshops, in the context of having all their information visible and up-to-date. They deserve it!

Why should I use My Garage Finder if there are other search engines?

Yes and no.

There are other search engines of course, but none like this My Garage Finder is a very useful, effective tool and has led us to being the top search engine in organic Google results.

As a driver, you can easily find out where the nearest workshop is and what services they provide yourself. This involves a much longer communication process, whereas here you have it in one click.

What’s more, we direct you to already verified websites where you can directly contact the workshops. It’s all designed for you to access the best professional service for fixing your vehicle and so that everything runs smoothly.

What should I do if I have a suggestion for improving My Garage Finder?

We are all ears , you can write to us here.